Cabinet d'avocats Altea
Cabinet d'avocats Altea
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Administrative and Constitutional Law
Immigration Law
international Family Law

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Administrative and Constitutional Law
Immigration Law
international Family Law

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Our social commitment

Corporate and social responsibility is currently a fashionable concept. This is something to cheer about, on condition that the apparent fashion phenomenon is part of a genuine and active approach, not merely cosmetic.

The European Commission defines the corporate responsibility of companies as follows: "CSR involves companies voluntarily integrating social and environmental objectives in their business operations and in their interaction with the actors concerned" (COM(2001)366). It involves actions by companies that go "over and above their legal obligations towards society and the environment" (COM(2011)681).

Corporate and environmental responsibility is also gradually becoming a concern of the Bar. Lawyers are both providers of legal services and economic players. They are also special entrepreneurs in that they are directly involved in the public service of justice. Their independence, freedom, mission to defend (notably those in a position of vulnerability) and their natural support for human rights make them responsible members of society by definition.

A firm committed to humanism and society... From the time of its creation, Altea has wanted to give a prominent role to its mission in support of justice and society. Altea's social responsibility is apparent first and foremost in its application of a principle of coherence. In its work as legal counsel and defender, the firm supports human and citizen rights on a daily basis in its relationships with administrative authorities. Its lawyers are specialised in these areas. However, in addition to being just another economic player, our firm wants to go beyond goals geared solely to profitability and growth. Altea also wants to reach beyond counselling and defence missions for its clients to become a law firm that lives human rights, good citizenship and justice.

A collective and participative firm… In practice, coherence is seen first in the organisation and operation of the firm itself. Born of the meeting of two experienced partners, Altea was designed, conceived and started thanks to the collective efforts of all of its partners and colleagues. This strong, well-rounded team went beyond traditional workplace hierarchy relationships to enable the creation of the law firm and it contributes to its management and growth. In turn, the firm must also provide a development platform for the bar for all of the lawyers working there.

A committed firm… As part of Altea's societal responsibility, its members are committed citizens. Altea lawyers actively support the voluntary sector and the Bar. They take their lead from their belief in human rights, citizen rights and justice. They are always aware of how important it is for lawyers to take part in the construction of a more just, egalitarian and sustainable society that respects the fundamental freedoms of its members.

A firm in tune with its environment… Altea's corporate and environmental responsibility also means ensuring that the firm's everyday activities contribute to the development of a just and sustainable society. The firm's lawyers have set themselves the goal of acting in line with environmental values and with the values of fair and just trade when setting their supplies purchasing policies, carrying out their missions and when working with their clients.

A firm active in human and citizen rights… Lastly, Altea has also built its social responsibility, its commitment to humanism and society, through the implementation of concrete action and public-minded partnerships. This page will therefore change over time with you. Altea's first "Social Responsibility" mission began at the time the partnership was created. It consists in providing non-profits that are active in defending human rights and in building a sustainable society respectful of the environment with legal services that combine the firm's know-how with the values that are important its members. In concrete terms, this means that every year Altea will provide the above-mentioned non-profits with five "packs" of twenty hours of legal services in the areas of human rights, basic citizen rights and the protection of immigrant rights.



Altea brings together lawyers highly specialised in:

- Constitutional and administrative public law;

- Foreign nationals and private international family law.

The firm strives to be accessible.

Altea covers many intertwining areas but the firm’s lawyers all have an interest in defending human rights.


Boulevard Louis Schmidt 56, 1040 Etterbeek - Belgium

+32(0)2 894 45 70


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