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Our vision of the lawyer's role

Providing quality legal services and optimal defence doesn't mean pushing clients to consume. Altea takes its clients’ best interests to heart and, as soon it accepts a case, it consistently includes the financial impact of possible options available when developing an overall strategy for the case.

Altea's lawyers always keep in mind the recommendation of the Order of French-language Lawyers of the Brussels Bar of 8 November 2005 which, with respect to the lawyer's duty to conciliation, points out that "the lawyer has a duty to seek conciliation and, therefore, the obligation to prefer, insofar as possible, a search for amicable solutions" and "must loyally provide their assistance in the search for a mediated solution". It concludes that "when mediation, negotiation or conciliation is offered, it is recommended that the lawyer seek to implement this type of solution and provide constructive assistance".

Altea prides itself on being a firm that has chosen to practice in areas brought together in specialised "niches" that include human rights, constitutional law, administrative law, immigration law and international private law. Billing itself, and maintaining its identity, as a firm of specialists requires implementing on-going discipline to obtain recognition for specialist titles from the Orders, to assume mandates at universities, to publish, to select colleagues, to maintain a constant watch on specialised legal information and to communicate it to clients, etc.   

The partnership has a high percentage of private citizens among its clients, but also works with many non-profits, public authorities and companies. Altea wants to make its specialised services accessible to those who need it. To make this accessibility a reality, the services are provided under the conditions agreed, with full transparency, and as precisely as possible in terms of cost estimates.

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