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Living and working in Belgium

Within the Altea law firm, you can find a lawyer specialising in immigration law, who will advise you on all questions relating to your immigration to Belgium. These questions may concern not only entry, temporary/permanent residence or the deportation of foreign nationals, but also the possibilities of applying for or regaining Belgian citizenship or even questions concerning international family law (for example, in connection with a marriage, divorce, adoption etc.).

In addition, we can often give you advice or help you concerning more specific matters, such as driving licences, social security issues, etc.

In the subsections on this page, you can find examples of the subjects that we deal with on a regular basis within the immigration team at the Altea law firm. For immigration law, these may include contact with the Immigration Office, visas, family reunification, marriage and legal cohabitation, regularisation on humanitarian or medical grounds, asylum, studying, works permits or professional ID cards...

Immigration law is vast. It may sometimes involve proceedings before the Conseil du Contentieux des Etrangers [Aliens Litigation Council] but also, depending on the case, before civil courts up to the highest national and international levels. These matters relate more to administrative law than private law.

Even so, a lawyer specialising in immigration law is not necessarily going to advise you to start proceedings that could be long and costly. Working in your best interest, they will just provide you with advice during a single consultation session. Altea’s lawyers will inform you if you fulfil the conditions for obtaining free legal aid.

A lot of useful information on immigration law can already be found on Altea’s website, particularly through the regular news updates that we publish on various subjects relating to immigration law (family reunification, adoption, legalisation, international divorce, citizenship etc.) . You can subscribe to them via this link if you wish.

Altea can provide you with the services of a lawyer who is an expert in your situation.

Contact Céline Verbrouck or Catherine de Bouyalski, lawyers specialising in immigration law and international private family law, certified by the Brussels Bar.

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