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Recognition of paternity

Recognition of paternity and filiation issues are highly frequent and can quickly become very complex, especially if specific issues are brought to light such as the application of foreign laws, immigration or residence questions (visa, family reunification), a dispute regarding a will or child custody.

It is important to define the best strategy since several courses of action may sometimes be defendable. Which strategy will be the least expensive and the fastest ? Which procedure of recognition of paternity has the greatest chance of success ? Can one begin several procedures simultaneously in different countries ?

The complementary skills of the Altea lawyers in the area of administrative law, immigration law, family law and international private law constitute a significant advantage when dealing with filiation issues.

Altea offers advice by expert lawyers, adapted to your personal situation.

Contact Céline Verbrouck or Catherine de Bouyalski, specialist lawyers in immigration law and international family law, certified by the Order of Lawyers of the Bar of Brussels.

Recognition of paternity Lawyer