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Surrogacy has yet to be regulated in Belgium but it is already a reality in many Belgian hospitals.

It is currently a practice in many countries, some of which consider it legal.

Yet, even though surrogacy is a reality - and thus children are being born from surrogacy - the absence of a legal framework in Belgium results in problematic situations.

Before embarking on such a project, it is advisable to be very well-informed of the consequences in terms of filiation, nationality and the ways to bring a surrogate-born child to Belgium.

The unique situations which arise out of surrogacy are delicate and extremely complex. At Altea, we have solid experience in this area, both on a national as on an international level, having advised and accompanied many couples facing these issues.

Altea offers advice by expert lawyers, adapted to your personal situation.

Contact Céline Verbrouck or Catherine de Bouyalski, specialist lawyers in immigration law and international family law, certified by the Order of Lawyers of the Bar of Brussels.