Altea is a law firm of specialists claiming experience and expertise in their areas of work, who ought to be accessible to all.

Two specific areas of competence are practiced by two complementary teams of lawyers. The firm provides mostly (but not exclusively) services in the following specialty areas :

Constitutional and administrative law

  • General administrative law
  • Administrative disputes
  • Constitutional law, human rights, public freedoms
  • Liability of public entities
  • Public service law
  • Education law
  • Administrative health care law
  • Constitutional disputes
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • Hospital law
  • Environmental law
  • Urban planning law
  • Expropriation law
  • Public tender law
  • Public economic law
  • Institutional law, including local authorities
  • Administrative law for the media

The firm also provides a wide range of "pre-litigation" and non-dispute consultancy services in the belief that the best way to manage a trial is to avoid it, whenever this is in the client's best interest.

Altea’s lawyers practice before the Constitutional Court, the Council of State and the administrative jurisdictions, including the Council for Immigration Disputes, the judicial courts and tribunals and, if need be, international jurisdictions (Strasbourg, Luxembourg) and before the various administrative authorities.

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