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Lawyer in immigration Law, Nationality and international family law

Caitlin Moens, avocate spécialisée en droits des étrangers, droit de l’immigration et droit familial international

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Caitlin Moens has been a member of the Barreau de Bruxelles (Brussels bar) since October 2014, and even since then has worked for the law firm Altea, specialising in immigration law and international family law.

Caitlin is currently a Senior Lawyer at Altea.  Among a range of duties, she is responsible for the trainee programme with the firm's partners and is actively involved in expanding the firm's expertise.

She has written several academic articles, especially in the area of nationality law. She has given lectures and led numerous training courses on nationality law and matters relating to immigration and human rights issues. 

She is also a consultant for organisations that specialise in the fields of nationality, immigration and family private international law.

Caitlin is a signatory to the Charte de droit collaboratif (Belgian collaborative law charter) and is currently training in family, civil and social mediation with the non-profit organisation Trialogues.

Her day-to-day work involves immigration legal matters (European citizens, workers, students, refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status, family reunification, visas etc.); private international legal matters (competent court, applicable law etc.); and international family legal matters (marriage, divorce, filiation, adoption, marriage annulments, recognition of foreign judgments or acts etc.).

After completing a Master's in Law at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), graduating with a grande distinction (distinction) classification, Caitlin went on to study a Master's in Human Rights, jointly organised by UCL and the universities of Saint-Louis and Namur. During her academic studies, Caitlin also participated on an Erasmus study programme in Dublin, Ireland.

Before practising law, Caitlin gained experience in the field of human rights through her internships with La Ligue des droits de l'homme (League of human rights), Avocats Sans Frontières (Lawyers without borders) and a Red Cross asylum-seekers reception centre. She has also embarked on numerous volunteer projects in Belgium and abroad, and is a member of a non-profit organisation that enables young people in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, to pursue a university education.

Caitlin has continued to work in the voluntary sector and has been a member of the Commission Étrangers (Foreigners' commission) of La Ligue des droits de l'homme since 2015.